Going to market | Daegu, South Korea

On any day of the week, you can purchase produce, meat and other tasty treats from vendors on the sidewalks and streets of Daegu. But on Thursday evenings in our neighborhood of Siji, the selection increases dramatically during the open-air market. And so do the crowds…

I expected the market to shrink as the weather became colder, but Koreans are a tough people, and business continues to boom as the temperatures drop.

The peppers and garlic in the left image and the cabbage and radishes in foreground of the right one are crucial ingredients of Korean cuisine, which is why they can be purchased in such large quantities at market.

This intersection is the entrance to the main area of Thursday’s open-air market.

The fresh produce choices are a little overwhelming.

The fish, too, especially for this Kansas girl.

It gets just a little busy.

This woman is making this delicious bindaetteok (mung bean pancake) just for me.

I also bought some of this super-yummy pork for our dinner that night.

Can’t forget about Korean pears (wrapped in the nets in the front, and not at all “pear-shaped”) and clementine oranges/tangerines, which Koreans eat like they’re going out of style. Yum!

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