Hi, gorgeous!

Yes, that’s right, you. Do you really know how lovely you are?

As a woman, you’re made to be completely, distinctively beautiful. From the curves of your face to the works of your hands to the expressions of your mind and heart, you were designed to embrace, cultivate and share your beauty throughout all your days.

True beauty brings life. We need yours.

I’d love to partner with you in this. I’m here to offer opportunities and inspiration for you, no matter your age or pant size or fashion sense, to joyfully and creatively, in a community of women doing the same, unveil your glorious beauty to your world.

It takes some vulnerability, I know, but it’s worth it.

Can we start with some photos of you? I’m told that I am approachable and relaxing, and I make photography experiences refreshing and even healing. Your shoot will blend the authentic loveliness of natural light with the flattering styling of the modern glamour movement. My relentless focus on the female portrait results in images that are thoughtful, inviting and timelessly feminine.

You will be seen, and you will be exquisite.