How Koreans do the beach…

…at least during a super-fun sand festival this summer at Haeundae in Busan. My students have since informed me that so much clothing is not always worn. But I’m pretty certain the kids are always this cute.

Hard to see them in this photo, but there were planes overhead doing a pretty fantastic airshow when we arrived.

I guess hiking in the mountains and lounging on the beach require pretty much the same apparel.

Whether twins or couples, matching is all the rage. So are straw hats during the summer.

Never found out what these guys were.

Still loving the funny shirts. “I’ve never lost control” is a new favorite, maybe even over the “Be more fabby” I also spotted this summer.

Lots of GREAT sand sculptures.

Though I still prefer looking at the real people.

It’s already strange to be away from you, Korea. I have at least one more post yet to celebrate you and your beauty!

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