My parents come to visit | Part 2

We finished my parents’ visit with a weekend in Gyeongju, Korea’s “museum without walls.”

We started at some lovely ponds and gardens…

Finishing with the crowd at Anapji Pond at dusk.

The next morning, we went out with my coworker’s family to Seokguram Grotto for another Buddha viewing.

A short lunch stop for tteokgalbi, which are delicious pork rib patties.

Then we finished the afternoon at Tumuli (as in royal tombs) Park.

That’s one of the tombs behind those girls.

This tour guide spoke great English and had quite the sense of humor.

We had SUCH a great time with you, Mom and Dad. Can’t wait to see you at home in less than 3 weeks!

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Rochelle Photography - Love your getting ready picture.They are so colourful!

Sarah - You’re great at storytelling through pictures. Love that!

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