UPDATE: My husband and I have recently moved back to Daegu, South Korea, from Wichita, Kansas. If you happen to live in the Daegu area and would like to do some photos together, please get in touch!


What makes you different than other photographers I might consider?

I am completely dedicated to putting the woman first, no matter who else might be in the shoot with her. You and any other women with you will get my special attention to help you look and feel your very best.

I’m told I am approachable and relaxing, and that I make photography experiences refreshing and fun. We’ll blend the authentic loveliness of natural light with the flattering styling of the modern glamour movement.

You can read for yourself what clients have said about our time together.

What will I invest in portrait photography with you?

Your purchase starts at $125 for a 2-hour photo shoot in locations we choose together.

Or consider splitting your shoot into two 90-minute shoots for just $50 more, so we have more time for more outfits, hairstyles and locations before we run out of energy and daylight! 

To enjoy your pictures for years to come, you can purchase images starting at $20 each during our private viewing session 1-2 weeks after your shoot. (At this time images will only be purchased as digital files…either low-resolution for digital sharing only or high-res for printing on your own.)

Most clients can expect to spend at least $350 total on their portraits. Once you get in touch for your free in-person consult with me, we’ll go over the full price list together to make sure you know exactly what you can get within your budget.

How does the booking and ordering process go?

After you contact me, I’ll reply to any specific questions you have. Then I’d love to get together for coffee, tea or drinks at a no-commitment consult, so we can start getting to know one another and dreaming together about your images.

Once we schedule a date, I’ll provide you with an electronic invoice with a link to PayPal. The full session fee is due within 72 hours (cash is also fine) to secure your shoot date.

I’ll encourage you to bring at least 6 outfits for us to choose from (at least that many tops if not as many bottoms). Read on to see my advice for what to wear!

We’ll also schedule a private viewing session for 1-2 weeks later in your home or a coffee shop, to order your images together, after I have handpicked and partially edited about 30 final images for you.

I’ll take 10 percent off the regular prices of anything you order at this session, as I’ve found that most of my clients are happiest with their ordering decisions when I’m there to offer guidance!

If you need more time to choose exactly which images you want, we can set up an online gallery for additional ordering during a 48-hour window of your choice, with a pre-purchase of at least $100 credit.

For each image you order, I’ll also post on my Facebook business page and/or send to you a low-resolution, discreetly watermarked version of it, ready for the oohs and ahhs of your friends!

Your fully-edited images will be sent within a week after your order is finalized.

Why is $20 the lowest I can pay to get prints of a single image?

I’ve refined my pricing to better account for the time, energy and expertise that goes into preparing each image I create for you. When you order a print or a file, you’re paying not so much for the paper and ink (or the pixels) as for this TLC I’ve put into making sure the photograph is just right—particularly, the gentle retouching that’s critical when photographing women.

In this more-more-more society of ours, I want to give you quality over quantity—to help you choose just the images you love most, and to help you see each one as valuable, not just because of my efforts but because of the persons whose images they bear.

What time and day of the week will my shoot be?

Your shoot will be in the afternoon (starting as late as 5:30 in the summer), and will last about 2 hours from start to finish.

I still want to lose ___ pounds. Am I ready for a shoot?

Ah, such a fun question. I know how many of you feel, as I’ve gained a good 20 pounds in the last 5 years of marriage, without having any kids yet!

I can’t presume to know for sure whether you’re emotionally ready to be photographed, but I do believe you’re not as many pounds away as you might think.

With good clothing choices, expert posing and a little bit of Photoshop, it’s pretty manageable for me to slim 10-20 pounds from your frame if you want me to. Yet, you’ll still look like yourself for all the family and friends who will see your images.

If you’re actively in the process of losing weight, you might wait just a bit till you’re closer to your goal. Or, having some beautiful photos of yourself at this stage might be just the reward, as well as motivation, that you need if you’re still 20 pounds or more from where you’re headed…and it just might show you that you don’t even need to lose that weight after all!

Whatever you choose, I would encourage you to learn to love the body you have now (you may not really be overweight anyway), and to even more broadly embrace the life you have now rather than living in the past or some unguaranteed future. It would be my honor to help you do so, by giving you photos that show you how lovely you are RIGHT NOW to those who love you most.

What should I wear for my shoot?

Hugely important question, women! I’m not naturally all that fashionable, but I’ve done my homework and I do have some tips for you. First, if you’ve ever watched TLC’s television show What Not to Wear, consider following their rules for your session, and even just a little more fitted! (Most of the following info is from their show and books.) They give great advice for choosing clothes that create long, curvy body lines (which can be seen at any height and size, really) without pulling or revealing in the wrong places.

Here’s a quick list of some clothing options that can help most women accomplish this goal:

  • Da
    rk denim jeans or trousers
  • Snug V-neck or scoop-neck tops with detail at the collar or neckline
  • 1/2- or 3/4-sleeved cardigans to slenderize arms in certain poses
  • Belted dresses and tops, cinched at the smallest part of your waist
  • Structured jackets to nip your tummy
  • Pencil skirts that go to the knee
  • Wrap dresses (faux is easier to wear) for an instant hourglass
  • Good-fitting bras that keep everything high and fully contained
  • Some amount of color that you love, mostly solids and a beloved print or two (completely monochromatic is not necessary for a slimming outfit)

And here’s a list of looks that many women should avoid for the most flattering portraits:

  • Loose, oversized clothing items (almost always make you look larger in a shapeless sort of way)
  • Turtlenecks, unless your neck is really long (we have other tricks for removing a double chin)
  • Tight pants and bras that create various “muffin tops”
  • Bare upper arms (they tend to draw attention from your face…at least bring a cardigan so we can cover them up for certain poses)
  • Lots of beige and pastel pink near the face (Caucasian women especially)
  • Gapping button-downs
  • Shirts that are tight on your lower waist (cinch them higher instead)
  • Horizontal stripes (if you’re really wanting to stretch yourself vertically)
  • T-shirts with writing, sweatshirts and other athletic wear
  • Cargo pants and overalls

Ready for ideas of complete outfits that I think could look great in your portraits? I’ve created an online picture board with some favorites!

Want to keep learning (with images) about flattering clothing choices? I recommend the following Real Simple articles:

Before we shoot, I can also take a quick peek at your clothes selection (bring lots!) to make sure we’ve got your best pieces lined up. I’m here to help you look your best!

What else can I do to prepare for my session?

Make sure your outfits are on hangers and as wrinkle-free as possible.

Feet and shoes are unlikely to show much, but consider getting a manicure to whatever level you normally do. At least have them trimmed to similar lengths and free of old nail polish.

If you color your hair, make sure your roots are touched up. If your eyebrows need tweezing or waxing, have that done a couple days before your shoot.

NOTE: If you’re not going to have your shoot for several months yet, starting now to do some yoga or Pilates workouts will do wonders for your flexibility, posture and range of motion, especially if you’re a woman in your 50s or older. This will aid us significantly in our posing.

If my purchase comes with high-resolution files, what will they be? Just files straight out of your camera?

High-res files aren’t the original files from my camera…they’re much better! They are full-resolution JPEG files that I have technically and artistically enhanced for composition, color or black-and-white toning, contrast and sharpness. Most final images will also undergo mild retouching such as removal of blemishes and softening of facial lines, before you ever see them.

My enhancement and retouching choices are usually enough to please my photography clients, but I am happy to provide additional retouching at your request for an added fee. I want you to still look like you, but I also want you to feel like your most lovely self!

If I don’t purchase the high-res files, can I make prints from the low-res images?

Sorry, but no, for a couple reasons. First, being photographed or ordering prints of these photos doesn’t give you ownership or rights to reprint images, even in this digital age. Ownership always stays with the photographer, but a client may obtain reprint rights for personal use only by purchasing high-res files. Any low-resolution JPEGs I post on my blog or Facebook are only for sharing online or displaying in slideshows and on electronic devices!

Secondly, the quality of prints from online images or scanned prints will be much lower than that of the professional prints I can provide, and even the prints you can make from digital negatives. Online images have a resolution (pixels per inch) too low for printing and will contain a lovely but visible watermark, and prints you purchase will have a beautifully textured finish that makes them look great but scan poorly.

So, if you want to print an image in any form, please go ahead and purchase the file!

Will you photograph my wedding?

I’m not currently marketing myself as a wedding photographer, though I would be thrilled to provide you with bridal or couples portraits before or after your big day. I am experienced in wedding photography coverage, however, so if you absolutely must have me photograph your special event, get in touch to see my portfolio and discuss my prices, starting at $2500. Or, ask for my recommendations for other photographers, and ask them to contact me about being their second shooter!

What are my options for maternity and newborn photography?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m so excited to help you capture this amazing time for your family. The best time for maternity photography is around 30 weeks. We can certainly go sooner or later, but somewhere around this time gives us the most noticeable bump we can get before you start getting too uncomfortable for a shoot. I suggest planning at least one outfit that can show off your tummy (we can Photoshop stretch marks) as well as others that cover but still feature your bump.

Once you give birth, we’ll schedule your in-home newborn photo session for when your little one is 5-10 days old. Newborn acne and colic often appears around 2 weeks. This timeframe also allows us the best opportunity to have a sleeping baby that we can gently arrange into natural but precious poses for part of your session, as well as allow some time for me just to provide fly-on-the-wall documenting of you caring for your lovely little one. A super-clean home is totally not necessary, so don’t stress!

My shooting fee for a maternity/newborn set is $300 and includes up to 5 hours of photography between the two shoots. See the FAQs above for more details about the booking and ordering process.

What if I’m not happy with my session images for some reason? 

If you’re unhappy with absolutely all of your photos, I’ll do a reshoot at no additional charge. If anything is wrong with one or more photographs, we’ll fix and replace it at no extra cost and as little trouble for you as possible.

I want you to love your portraits!

Why are your rates higher than when you did a photography session for my friend?

When your friend booked me, it was likely I still had my day job to help us pay the bills as I built my portfolio, skills and equipment on the side. The portfolio-building phase of my business has ended, and I’ve implemented my full-fledged pricing for custom photography. Fees and prices are still subject to change, but are unlikely to drastically increase in the near future.

I understand that I’m not the least expensive photographer around, and I’m not intending to be. My clients are women who value a highly customized, personal photography experience, and I understand that not everyone does. However, you can trust that I’m requesting carefully chosen, market-competitive prices that will enable me to continue providing women with thoughtful portraiture, top-quality products and “I’m here to spoil you” attention for the long term. It’s truly my mission to serve you the best I can.

If my style and methods resonate with you, get in touch so we can start planning our photo shoot together. I can’t wait to hear from you!