Why we’re in Korea

Our Korea story actually began in 2006, while I was a recent college graduate living alone in the tiny town of Hillsboro, Kansas, looking for somewhere to go. Josh and I didn’t really know each other yet, and I was pretty lonely and restless.

Through poking around online, I found out about the possibility of teaching English overseas and considered the idea of going to South Korea by myself. I had been an English major in college and took a number of education classes as well when I was considering being an English teacher in the U.S., so the job seemed right up my alley, the prospects for an exciting change quite good.

Soon after, though, I was asked to live with some girls who have since become the dearest of friends, so the dream went on hold. In the meantime, two other dear married friends took the idea and (literally) flew with it…and had an amazing time teaching in Seoul for a year.

Josh and I became friends the summer after I moved in with the girls, fell in love and eventually (or quickly, some might say) married in December 2007. About 6 months into our marriage, I asked him if he’d ever be interested in “doing the Korea thing” with me. He became incredibly attached to the idea, and it is actually his commitment to it that got us to the point of actually going 2 years later in August 2010.

Where do I start with what we’re loving about this year-long opportunity teaching in public schools (I in high school and Josh in elementary school) in Daegu, South Korea? The culture, the people, the food, the language, the new places to explore…I suppose it’s all the pretty standard stuff of visiting a new country, but we’re eating it up, and we’re in love with Korea and its people.

I am loving the learning through the lens of my camera as well, and sharing it with all of you on this blog, all while expanding my skills and vision as a young photographer still early in my image-making journey.

Now, we’re nearing the end of our contract and have booked tickets to come home on August 28. See you soon, I hope!

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